Qin Chuan: Make machine tool of high-end nicety numerical control

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"In recent years, as our country industrialized process accelerate, the demand of machine of big norms roll flute is added suddenly, actual condition is the large roll flute that the industry such as machinery of aircrew of derv of burden lorry, high-power, generation set, mine, war industry is badly in need of playing however aircraft is almost total count an import. " Long Xingyuan of president of group of plain of the Qin Dynasty says, the development of machine of roll flute of large numerical control in was being accelerated because of this Qin Chuan works, in a few years of short time, rolled out YK7380, YK73100, YK73125 to wait for machine of roll flute of emery wheel of figuration of accurate and efficient numerical control early or late, market of quick race to control. Especially machine of YK73125 roll flute, this one Asia is the biggest the machine of roll flute of emery wheel of numerical control figuration of norms, nap of collect numerical control, static pressure technology, in machine measure and the error is automatic the feature such as compensation is a suit, the competitive product that makes tycoon of foreign machine tool is become again after machine of roll flute of emery wheel of worm of afterwards of machine of roll flute of figuration emery wheel. Rely on own innovation to build a brand own innovation makes Qin Chuan brand gets the market and user greatly to approbate. Current, machine of roll flute of card of plain of the Qin Dynasty already became 7 kinds of big about a hundred kinds of norms, numerical control to change by the onefold breed development when building a plant rate amount to the 100 % , well-known brand product that holds 80% market share of domestic, and machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty makes variety of international cog grinder the most complete, norms the manufacturer with most, top yield, also be our country only the ethical brand that can make a tycoon contend with the machine of world top class roll flute such as Germany, Switzerland, United States. "Make own brand, walk out of even actively in equal opportunity. " Long Xingyuan says, "The development target of machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty makes trade of equipment of Chinese machine tool namely brand of the first high end, because this should undertake the annex of the effective conformity of resource and enterprise actively,recombine " . After company afterwards recombined factory of Shaanxi machine tool to get the research and development of cylindrical grinder and engineering capability 2001, the look pointed American UAI company again, cross a state at was being finished 2004 and buy, build had grinding machine of company broaching craft, broach, broaching machine, broach " 4 pull syncretic " core technology and advantage, to develop own brand, made characteristic industry catenary lay a foundation. Talent and capital pay equal attention to to the brand of respecting enterprise is built and develop continuously, long Xingyuan feels have weighed particularly at 2 o'clock should, it is talent team construction. The firewood reward system that the company used outstanding technology innovation and enterprise to develop continuously, if fulfil reward of award of new product benefit, individual event of gross new product, undertake to technical personnel on guard grooms, execute hire especially expert and hire technician to make especially, go abroad take advanced courses etc, make technical personnel realizes its life value in working station. Not long ago, machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty takes out many yuan 20 to mix 9 cars, heavy award 8 technologists and 9 companies model worker, revealed the company culture atmosphere with labor glory, respected innovation. 2 it is to make sure financing of sufficient research and development is thrown, the capital investment that machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty uses every year at scientific research and new product development takes a company in those days the 6 % above of sale. Because the company owned large quantities of one home,person of the expert of gear grinder industry, technology just is mixed enough scientific research is devoted, just make machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty OK development goes generation machine of the high accuracy of another generation, high-powered roll flute, make this company main economic norms successive 28 years with average the rate of 15 % rises, this is in trade of domestic machine tool does not see more. Develop in recent years especially more swift and violent, advocate business Wu 1 from 2001. 600 million yuan grow the close 1l 2005 100 million yuan, the company also obtains product of industry of machine tool tool two years to sell production value of 10 beautiful enterprise, numerical control to start brand activity 10 beautiful enterprise, meticulously continuously 10 beautiful enterprise and gold cut name of company of arms of file leader of machine tool industry. The station is in " 915 " on the scratch line, long Xingyuan says: Machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty is in fixed position nicety, special type, compound the research and development of heavy-duty technology and product in reaching, devote oneself to to develop product of high-end numerical control, nicety, large, compound machine tool, it is chance in order to establish group of tool of machine tool of Shaanxi Qin Chuan at the same time, innovation of technology of base oneself upon and asset recombine, form gear cutting stage by stage the equipment industry catenary, production that grinds milling of catenary of broaching equipment industry, special type to machine component of function of equipment industry catenary and cutting tool of complex numerical control, scroll creates base, make the enterprise is had offer for the user arrive from blueprint the ability of the hardware design, complete set solution that makes to the product from treatment craft. CNC Milling