Actuate of success of lathe of Su Gang roller

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A few days ago, machine of classics of lathe of a C84100 roller repairs Su Gang after installation of factory proper motion is debugged, succeed eventually actuate, not only the car went to be able to satisfy rolling of plant of great ability of new developed area the roller of different specifications great ability, still save the below 3 installation to 50 thousand yuan to expend for Su Gang. This new lathe weighs 37 tons, 6 meters long, for Su Gang's at present biggest lathe. Institute of plant of Su Gang great ability uses roller to weigh 6-10 commonly ton, the diameter amounts to 800mm, very giant, differ in rolling when the great ability of norms, its groove is easy wear away. Acquiring before this new lathe, machine a roller to open groove to need 10 thousand yuan or so on the plane of roller namely, fee is quite big, and handling time is long. During the Spring Festival, this roller lathe begins trial run, this factory encounters a lot of difficulty during. Eventually, in the first month of the lunar year 15 festival of lanternses that day, from inside this large lathe successful car went a pair to accord with the roller that craft of great ability rolling asks. As we have learned, till March 26, new lathe already opened slot for 4 new roller, 2 when fall to change old roll open slot afresh, had thrown normal production at present in. Produce the demand of craft to cooperate great ability plant further, machine long factory still was installed by oneself additional two equipment, it is to curium respectively piece long grind machine and high frequency quench machine, already installed now end after waiting to debug, throw the job instantly. CNC Milling