Hydraulic pressure steering gear changes chamfer of circular arc of the aperture inside worm to modular machine tool

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Steering gear of 1 overview hydraulic pressure is one of important parts of the car, demand of the technology when making is higher. Turn to worm among them (of 1) seeing a picture inside because the treatment of chamfer of circular arc of 6 divide into equal parts in aperture accepts the restriction of workpiece aperture dimension, treatment is difficult, manufacturing efficiency is very low, have not find more appropriate private plane to undertake machining in production of production industry of domestic steering gear up to now. Graph the manufacturer that abroad of 1 work plan is like Japan, Korea all uses private plane to undertake machining, its manufacture efficiency quality of tall, treatment is good. The configuration of private plane is pushed for horizontal cut treatment or horizontal circumgyrate to swing treatment form. Domestic individual manufacturer buys foreign private plane with high price, but because the control to machine tool operation and maintenance is still insufficient complete, use what affected a machine tool sometimes normally. Accordingly, development develops quality good, price the homebred grooving machine tool with low, tall productivity has real sense. We ask according to the user, design development gives machine tool of grooving of the aperture inside steering gear worm, and already consign is used. Brief introduction of 2 machine tools 2.

Structure of 1 machine tool is configured (2) seeing a picture pursues 2 change machine tool of ● of worm grooving private plane to horizontal configuration, base installs grooving head on left mesa, hand of the installation on mesa moves slip and circumgyrate graduation clamping apparatus on the right side of. Installation of electric equipment control equipment is inside ark of base left sidewall. Outfit of cooling pump device is in on the right side of base inside mural ark. ● grooving head uses bearing of double columnar slideway, use drive of double cam linkage to make cutting tool realizes circular arc chamfer to machine. Line of grooving head transmission is: The treatment of circular arc chamfer uses broaching means, see a picture 3. Graph the main shaft front that the broaching of chamfer of 3 circular arc machines clamping apparatus of ● circumgyrate graduation is structure of pressing plate of V form iron, use clamp work, main shaft is hind set a hand to use index plate, use implementation circle Saturday graduation of divide into equal parts. ● grooving cutting tool uses high-speed steel circular arc to shape special cutting tool. Cooling fluid spray orifice is set on the arbor that installs grooving cutting tool, spray orifice can be passed when treatment cooling to cutting tool eject lubricating fluid. 2.

Productivity of 2 machine tools is weak a handling time (cutting chamfer of 6 circular arc) for 15min. The machine tool sets communication transducer, pass frequency conversion rotate speed of changeable electric machinery. 2.

Precision of treatment of chamfer of 3 circular arc is opposite to locate symmetry of round center line is ± by line of center of chamfer of treatment circular arc 0.

05mm, precision of groovy broad measure is ± 0.

06mm, deepness of circular arc chamfer 1.

8 ~ 2.

0mm, 22mm of length of circular arc chamfer. Characteristic of 3 machine tools analyses grooving head to use means of drive of double round linkage, have a structure simple, the job stabilizes the good point with reliable, low cost. Use clamping apparatus of fixed position of V form iron, the structure is simple, operate easily. But particular to be being located by treatment workpiece precision of cylinder percentage measure has demand, affect otherwise by the precision of divide into equal parts of grooving. Use high-speed steel circular arc to shape cutting tool, every time blade is ground (manual operation) but cutting 5 ~ 6 workpiece (do not add cooling fluid) . To improve cutting tool life, can use coating cutting tool or better cutting tool data. Because the machine tool is to use means of chamfer of broaching cutting circular arc, in grooving process, horn of cutting tool around is changing ceaselessly, make cutting force is changed ceaselessly, if machine tool structure is rigid poor, easy generation is oscillatory, limitted cutting rate (productivity) rise further. 4 improve a tentative plan to improve machine tool productivity, raise cutting tool durability, must machine means proceed with from change cutting. Should broaching (push cut) circular arc of instead of means of treatment of circular arc chamfer swings grooving machines means, such cutting tool change decrescent in horn of the around in cutting process, cutting rate can rise, corresponding productivity also can rise. But difficulty of such configuration of machine tool structure is greater, need has the design of innovation. On the foundation that sums up products plan the first round to develop experience, we designed cutting tool circular arc to swing grooving machine tool, the grooving head of the machine tool uses means of drive of 3 cam linkage, realize knife, concede knife and feed function respectively, structural tigidity increases. Such but relatively the cutting rate that the earth raises machine tool cutting tool and productivity (10min of every 8 ~ can machine) of a workpiece, and cutting tool life also can rise. If the user needs, but according to its product specific measure asks development makes corresponding special machine tool. CNC Milling