NSK development goes new-style hand to move gear-box to use clutch release shaft bear

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Japanese essence is versed in (NSK) development went lighter than before of 40 % above, the hand that faces minicar moves gear-box to use clutch release shaft bear " TRZ series " . Adopt component unifinication design, the price also is able to reduce, enhanced international competition ability. This product is in what 23 ~ can exhibit a center 25 days to hold at Pacific Ocean yokohama 7 years in May " person and car science and technology are exhibited 2007 " on showpiece. To reduce a part several, will independent before component -- gear-box is embedded on input axis the axle sleeve of outfit and bore to form an organic whole the pedestal of separate forked force with colophony. Additional, the case that still will be used at securing bearing and wave shape bedspring correct the construction that inserts to use a spring. Adopt these measure, weight reduces 120g from the 220g of primary product, reduced 45 % . Before this, in colophony with PA of fibre glass aggrandizement (polyamide) for the foundation, new product fights the reactivity high polymer with outstanding abrasiveness through adding, the wear extent of homologize component reduced an in part when commonner than be based on PA. Wear and primary product are coequal level, passed be equivalent to travel the fast experiment of 100 thousand Km. Axial track field, the diameter of accurate stock and the part that clutch contacts is in 6 kinds of 42 ~ 58mm. This company will come through rolling out TRZ series aggrandizement clutch release shaft bear product line, strive clutch release shaft bear global sale reachs 6 billion yen to 2012. CNC Milling