Technology of figuration of titanium alloy plank reachs his to be in the application of aviation domain

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Titanium is the metal that belongs to aerospace times, have the function characteristic of high strenth, low density, suit to use the structural data that makes supersonic speed plane and spacecraft. Especially, of titanium high temperature resistant performance is good, it is the good stuff of production turbine reaction engine. Use titanium alloy to replace stainless steel, can make the weight of engine reduces 40% ~ 50% . As high-powered data, titanium alloy is extensive should, use at aerospace technology domain, hopeful the 3rd kind of after making afterwards iron, aluminium practical metal, development uses foreground very capacious [1-3] . From the world advanced military plan and structure of civilian machine airframe look with material, titanium alloy makes dosage shows ascendant trend. In F-22 and F-35, titanium alloy dosage is occupied overall 41% with 27% , alloy of the titanium in B-1 and B-2 airframe makes dosage also was achieved 22% with 26% . On advanced aviation engine, titanium alloy has the proportion that comparative, and present a structure compositive the development trend with degree of taller and taller, more and more complex structure. CNC Milling