How to choose to machine means

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Like Minnmold such die shop often is facing the problem that how accepts or reject. On one hand, HSM is EDM replace a method. The hard data that cannot process effectively with groovy grinding technology can be machined with HSM now. This makes EDM phyletic to some shape aperture does not have good, illustrate. In another some of case, can use HSM rough machining opening, surplus of put apart grinding by EDM purify. Additional on one hand, HSM innovated the production of black lead electrode. Use HSM, electrode of fancy black lead can be mixed quickly by rough machining finish machining, very careful down to can discharge its surface abrade or polishing. Combine the high speed treatment of black lead electrode, EDM machines the speed of the component to make EDM makes efficient treatment process nowadays. Say according to Bill Lobin, project engineer is in charge of producing control, the project team of Minnmold discusses the meeting when some kind of mould to measure each respect factor carefully in initial meeting, why to so that the decision is used,plant methodological treatment. These elements include: ◆ geometry appearance: This is primary consideration content. It is deep aperture, detail when aperture lesser, and groove deep narrow when, EDM is welcomed. (HSM and cutting tool do not match completely, exceeded the limitative length that the diameter compares. ) the material of workpiece and hardness. Stronger material trend is applicable EDM. ◆ surface character. If some of feature must be machined by EDM, for example the bottom of those aperture, still have linked list side, if can machine sidewall. EDM perhaps is to use precision work identical the first selection with successive surface. However, HSM produces the surface that needs polish lesser more more likely than EDM. Function of ◆ machine tool. If predict high speed grinding, but black lead grinding exceeded time, so manufacturing electrode wants efficiency probably very tall. When the EDM that still can arrange nobody to attend on the weekend is machined, this choice has appeal especially. "We just make more much pattern, " Mr.

Lobin explains. But he emphasizes, mould of avery kind of has distinction; Did not mix certainly about what how accept or reject quick regulation. And popularly, want to be below possible circumstance only, the factory chooses HSM and not be EDM chooses a method as actor. CNC Milling