The new-style and cooling lubricating fluid with powerful function

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Use new generation not to contain the cooling lubricating fluid of antiseptic, can prevent emulsion effectively " invalidation " with serious peculiar smell. The core problem of water-solubility refrigeration lubricating fluid can get settlement from now on. In slashing metallic treatment exercise, doing not have cooling lubricating fluid is no good. Had cooling lubricating fluid, the powerful effect of modern machine tool equipment can get sufficient play. On the other hand, the demand of the application of aborning of program of technology of cooling to modernization lubricating fluid also is rising ceaselessly. Especially up to now bacterial harm and its negative effect bring very high processing cost all the time. The Walter company that is located in area of T ü Bingen also is facing similar problem all the time. 2009 the beginning of the year, this company decides to adopt plan of a kind of new-style and cooling lubricating fluid: The Multan 71-2 cooling lubricating fluid that Henkel company produces is a kind of course real work examines, more reliable without antiseptic refrigeration lubricating fluid. The recipe of cooling lubricating fluid of a kind of microbial characteristic stability need not add any additive, also need not undertake to curb bacterium agent any technical center was in modernization of company of Walter of follow-up and anticorrosive processing to because equipment stops more for long,be experienced repeatedly machine and after appearing powerful odour, realize mandatory it is necessary that the ground changes cooling lubricating fluid. The account that produces bad taste basically depends on cooling lubricating fluid getting of the bacterium invade. Introduce according to Henkel company, the engineering technology of Multan 71-2 emulsifying agent that already won patent is a kind of when solve problem of cooling lubricating fluid perpetual plan. After this company passes the research and development of a series of high strenth, develop the recipe of a kind of cooling lubricating fluid to microbial stability successfully eventually, and need not add any additive or anticorrosive to the follow-up of curb bacterium agent measure (be like formaldehyde dissension agent) . New product can be applied extensively at all sorts of treatment exercise circumstances that machine to grinding from thick cutting in working actually, make Walter company is convinced. After technical center wins success application, multan 71-2 cooling lubricating fluid also is applied on the product line of main body of manufacturing dislocation cutting tool inside a year of time of half. The factory that is located in area of T ü Bingen is annual bad news is used make an appointment with 10000kg to condense fluid. The test makes clear as a result, multan 71-2 cooling lubricating fluid is using a process continuously in, can satisfy the high demand of the respect such as stability of quality, craft and wastage. Compare with groovy product photograph, the chroma when cooling lubricating fluid is being used first is only 5% . But use in follow-up accretion in, cooling lubricating fluid is added only about 0.

The additive of 5% , integral dose is very small also. In addition, multan 71-2 cooling lubricating fluid and desalination water union are used, mix without bubble without accretion. Another is worth the service life that the result with happy people is cooling lubricating fluid to get apparent ground is lengthened. And must change every year from equipment before cooling lubricating fluid. From a year half since, do not contain the cooling lubricating fluid of antiseptic through using the Multan 71-2 of Henkel company, pull current Cheng is very stable, average PH value is stable all the time in 9.

On 1 level. From this, already but considerably the wastage of managing water and chemical agent, at the same time great also the coal tub outfit that reduced cooling lubricating fluid, add and arrange the fee that waits for a respect. CNC Milling