Machine the milling cutter of Mill Max series of aviation aluminium alloy

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The milling cutter of Mill Max series that Kennametal company rolls out is to be high speed, efficient cutting to process data of aviation aluminium alloy (be like 7050 etc) design development with obtaining highest productivity. Have the following characteristic according to calling this milling cutter: Exceedingly good treatment surface is bright and clean degree; Can the axial of 25mm cuts deep treatment to give 90 ° sidewall; Can realize high speed cutting (1.

The cutting tool rotate speed of 5-inch can amount to 25000r/min or 9800sfm) . The radius of circular arc of point of a knife of series of Mill Max milling cutter from 0.

8 ~ 6.

4mm is optional, breed includes to establish the milling cutter, milling cutter that cover type and clip of integral type knife handle to run a system (Monoblock) . All integral knives placed a system to pass a balance to adjust, g2 can be satisfied below the rotate speed of 10000r/min.

The balance of 5 asks, if have need, still can reach higher balance level. The exterior figure design of Mill Max razor blade makes its have capacity of wonderful the control that cut bits, can reduce cutting force effectively. Outside the treatment that milling cutter of Mill Max series eliminates empty aluminium alloy of applied Yu Hang, its superior performance still can be used at improving other trade (wait like car, mould) treatment of cutting of aluminium alloy material. CNC Milling