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Craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser (DMLS) had existed more than 10 years, during this, the whole world already had many 150 facility using (the amount of this equipment should be to end the statistical number to the end of 2007 -- interpret is noted) . Agglomeration of direct metal laser is one kind is used at batch production to note model the craft of mould and production metal product, also can use at such as to squeeze go out or blow model to shape the technology of craft of as plastic as other treatment. Use pulverous alloy steel to use craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser to also can be made set optimal hot flow path for example the mould of appearance of so intricate geometry, different metallic powder makes raw material. Make in the mould in, self-identity uses data of MS 1 of steel of EOS martensite effectiveness for a given period of time. This kind of material is steel of effectiveness for a given period of time of martensite of farinose of alloy of a kind of fine grained. Its chemical composition accords with European material to classify number 1.

The composition of 2709, be equivalent to German X3NiCoMoTi 18-9-5. The steel of this kind of type has particularly good mechanical performance and simple and easy aftertreatment property, this kind of material is passed quench, its intensity can achieve 1950 MPa, hardness amounts to 50 ~ 54HRC. The largest size is modular core 180mm of × of 250mm × 250mm. Graph equipment of 1 laser agglomeration: A brief survey of area of work of Eosint M 270 of equipment of agglomeration of direct metal laser. Here, chase a ground to make the modular core of metallic product according to CAD data directly. An user of workmanship of this kind of layer is the LBC company that is located in Kornwestheim. This service supplier was built by engineer Ralph Mayer and Mr Marc Dimter 2002. The order for goods of the company comes from a mould to make, medical treatment technology, tool, aluminium is cast and die-casting and fix the company such as model. Current, the laser technology of LBC company basically applies at below 3 domains: ● production notes model with metallic Die Casting mould. ● fast mould is made, when fast mould is made, it is OK to developing level the part that makes by the raw material that will use henceforth will undertake noting model. ● is mix quickly flexible production appearance provide a service. Mr Ralph Mayer says: "Produce used pattern to large quantities of quantities especially, craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser is having distinct advantage, this can be in namely surface of outline of press close to is mixed with the geometrical appearance that is random almost decorate will install cold flow path, make note model through first-rate temperature adjusting control plastic fill up very equably. On manufacturing cycle we can shorten 60% above. " graph 2 cooling column: Make this kind of part that having 200 cooling column and way of internal cold flow inside 30 hours only through agglomeration of direct metal laser. In the process that note model, it is better that cooling column is used undertake cool and shortening manufacturing cycle time. When groovy craft and craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser use mixture preform to apply at mixing application in craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser, LBC company realises its have very large application latent capacity, namely the product has some share is to use groovy craft to make, and another part is to use laser technology to make. Differentiate pedestal optimally into mixture blank, on the foundation of the three-dimensional data that provides in the client, finish the cylinder of agglomeration of direct metal laser through CAD. Inside column base limits, matrix base can use groovy craft very simply to make, as a result of this reason, decided with the client seek use those who optimize cost to settle way. Here, used those who say to be namely " mix " settle way, offer the blank that makes with groovy craft by the client right now. When avoiding to produce stress convention craft and craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser to undertake mixture production in mould interior, of component part hand over plane to should choose to be apart from further place from coping as far as possible. Here, particularly important is, two component had better be to use same kind material is made, can avoid the difference in respect of hot coefficient of expansion so, avoid to produce stress in mould interior from this. If was to use improper data, to the component of larger size, it is as a result of material number 1.

The material of 2709 has very even organization, may produce stress crackle. Graph 3 models core: Production notes the modular core of model model, also offer modular core for water pump housing. Modular core uses material of MS1 of steel of EOS martensite effectiveness for a given period of time to be made, set cold flow path. The hardness of this kind of material can amount to 54HRC. Saved the operating costs of 50% to use craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser to arrive from blank make component part, what become as a result of laser agglomeration is organization of a kind of homogeneous, the component part surface that just basically machining without passing can see intermediate zone. The result that the client gets is: Set the pattern of the cold flow path of outline of optimal press close to to, its make charge can be saved 50% . One comes from the United States close hold the enterprise Linear Mold that brings a city&Engineering also was to use technology of agglomeration of direct metal laser, through using technology of this kind of laser, this mould manufactory is returned but more significant production is large-scale the model that note model. Previously, core of aluminous qualitative model is to use CNC milling to make machining be movinged with the hand repairing grind, perhaps make epoxy resin pattern. Through using laser agglomeration technology, can shorten production time and reduce treatment cost, less need uses CNC treatment and electric spark treatment. Thenceforth rises, linear company makes full use of craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser will make modular core, slide block, activity core, slideway and other part. Such, the company can use layer craft to make the core of the spare parts of the mould, model, component part that casts runner and other directly by CAD data, and the CNC that need not employ convention machines craft. When the production that encounters large mould, in part part, can use craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser to make modular core, is the modular antrum of milling mould only. Such, overall for, also can reduce CNC handling time. In addition, the application of craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser replaced electric spark treatment greatly. However, the electric spark method that uses a convention likely still will machine minor part. Cancelled such as bore and blow grind wait for add treatment working procedure; Also include the data that has thread in CAD data. Development and design had new option Linear company to hope to designing a respect to have better flexibility particularly: Can with sheet make cast runner -- modular core. In the meantime, manufactory home even if the activity to lesser, more difficult refrigeration core, be above its is OK also compositive an in-house cooling pipe or can install necessary slide block. Craft of agglomeration of direct metal laser provided the platform that a good new product is developed or existing product is improved and uses, be based on a product is to pass the means of layer to make, the internal composition of the geometrical appearance of product of this possible change and material. This all everything, created new possibility again when design and optimizing component part function. In addition, still can pass technology of agglomeration of direct metal laser to come compose builds copy to give birth to a structure, or compose builds the packing type construction that optimizes carrying capacity to wait. Use laser technology, this initiated a new by way of in designing mould or product, the shorter manufacturing time that laser technology can provide and better flexible, make new product develops time to become shorter and shorter, change model below the circumstance with more and more breed, become another crucial factor that undertakes economy is produced. CNC Milling