The preparation of broach of PCD of high-pressured whole agglomeration and application

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By the United States still the Precorp Inc of his city.

The bit of PCD of high-pressured whole agglomeration that the company is developed and has technical patent, brand name to be DiaEdge (PCD-veined Drill) from 20 centuries 80 time later period begins to apply at metallic cutting treatment, but this kind of broach fails to build higher reliability in people memory all the time for years. Nowadays, direction of length of chamfer of blade of broach of this kind of edge opens slot and will get together brilliant diamond (PCD) pink passes agglomeration of high temperature high pressure to shape in groove bit of obtained integral agglomeration VCD gets afresh again of people take seriously, its applied limits also gets be extendinged extensively. Broach of PCD of high-pressured whole agglomeration is the treatment that fragmentary at aviation spare parts and electronic parts applying only at first, the groovy cutting tool that it already made the industry cutting such as aviation, electron, car, medical apparatus and instruments process difficult treatment data nowadays, and applied limits still is expanding ceaselessly. Diamond has highest hardness and the smallest coefficient of friction, it is the good stuff of preparation cutting cutting tool. Precorp company production DiaEdge gets together the main technology measure of brilliant diamond bit is: Hard alloy of ① preparation whole gets pointed semifinished product; ② is getting base to go up to go out narrow groove; In chamfer of the infuse after ③ mixes PCD diamond pink and binder; ④ will get base park in special agglomeration press, below the high temperature high pressure of 1480 ℃ , 61320kg/cm2 agglomeration suppress shapes; ⑤ gets embedding having the semifinished product getting a tip of PCD first flank; ⑥ will get pointed semifinished product to solder to semifinished product of drill pipe of integral hard alloy; ⑦ grinds the body of broach geometry blade that makes a need. Use this technology but preparation gives the bit of integral agglomeration PCD that has the complex figure that get a tip, broach diameter but small to φ 0.

4mm. This kind of broach suits to be used at very much high speed, efficient auger cut treatment. Get needle and drill pipe to solder the length that contact is apart from cutting blade depends on the size of broach diameter, this distance should make solder the influence that contact won't be given out heat when treatment by cutting area, in order to assure the integral sex of contact and cutter hub. Because solder,the integral sex of contact and cutter hub is the weak point of diamond cutting tool, because this is necessary,broach of PCD of agglomeration of whole of serious research high pressure solders unlike convention the use characteristic of type PCD broach. The preparation method of groovy PCD broach is to getting pointed place to machine a groove normally, use line cut to will be in hard alloy base piece on figuration of deposit PCD filmy cut, solder its next in getting pointed groove. In 20 centuries 80 time later period, there is a few manufacturer only on the world (include Precorp company) broach of PCD of can successful preparation. 90 time are prime, solder the positioner opening that type PCD broach is used at getting to cut piston of treatment car engine to go up, this piston has been been in all cast of brilliant aluminium alloy (silicon content 12 % above) , must use PCD broach to machine ability to reach the cutting tool life of the requirement, broach blade is ground can machine 3500 pairs of aperture normally (actually the likelihood obtains treatment 10000 pairs of aperture) . But, solder the handling time of type PCD broach is longer, every finished cost is higher. In addition, broach cutting blade often happens below high temperature action solder invalidation phenomenon, bring about whole bit damaged thereby. Broach of PCD of use whole agglomeration criterion but better solve afore-mentioned problems. The broach of PCD of DiaEdge whole agglomeration of Precorp company is used the earliest at electronic industry and aviation manufacturing industry by the design, experiment through further treatment, the applied domain of this technology expands gradually. Current, this broach can be used at machining green hard alloy, aluminium radical composite material, increase model the aluminous material of all sorts of compound pottery and porcelain, brands, the alar bridge that machines an object to include battleplan of car engine housing, drive-box body, new-style jet. Battleplan ala bridge uses the compound colophony material with wonderful tenacity to be made, bore treatment amount is very large, if each surface of wing of F-22 jet opportunity for combat needs to get,cut 3500 hole, every fluctuation surface of deputy wing needs altogether auger cut 14000 hole. Used hard alloy broach to machine 20m ala bridge to need to cost 16 hours in the past, use treatment of broach of integral agglomeration PCD to need only now 4.

5 hours. Reducing cost of labor of every Kong Jia and handling time is the main factor that affects treatment totle drilling cost, also be the advantage place of broach of PCD of use whole agglomeration. Current, american aviation industry already planned to use bit of integral agglomeration PCD at the B-2, A-6, 777 production treatment that wait for type. Because the price of diamond bit is of broach of groovy hard alloy,make multiple, accordingly, to reduce cost of labor of every Kong Jia, must pass prolong cutting tool service life, shorten machine tool handling time will balance finished cost defray. Broach of integral agglomeration PCD and convention solder photograph of type PCD broach is compared, above uses a principle as much applicable. If use broach of integral agglomeration PCD to be able to make the possibility of cutting tool invalidation drops substantially, criterion this kind of broach is gotten to difficult treatment material cut craft to be able to rise to improve function apparently. Because the development of processing technique is final,be by user demand drive, because this is very difficult,be to use broach of integral agglomeration PCD to still use convention to solder certainly type PCD broach most be to one's profit. Accordingly, when choosing cutting tool, to be being machined material reachs craft integrality to undertake serious research is very important, the clasp of processing sector and tool manufacturer is the optimal way of contented user demand. For example, this cropland drive that is located in American Ohio implement manufactory already the broach of integral agglomeration PCD Precorp company / reamer (brand name is One Shot) apply successfully at car transmission implement treatment, make original 3 paces working procedure cut thereby for one pace working procedure, improved productivity. According to newest statistic, this cropland drive implement the factory already used this cutting tool to machine more than 300 thousand aperture, reduced manufacturing cost, improved product quality, shortened production is periodic. The tradition application domain of the bit of integral agglomeration PCD that Precorp company makes basically is aviation manufacturing industry, use at machining carbon fiber to enhance plastic workpiece. When processing this kind of data, the sharp rate that gets blade is crucial, if plunge knife blunter, add man-hour to may tear off the carbon fiber in material, destroy the integrality of orifice thereby. Use get the broach of integral agglomeration PCD with sharp blade to be able to ease broach impact, and nap action reachs since the carbon fiber that cutting blade can be in to orifice. Pass a large number of effective treatment, can obtain broach of integral agglomeration PCD to machine carbon fiber to enhance plastic commendation cutting speed and feed. Be produced by treatment material to prevent statified and adoption small feed (about 0.

025 ~ 0.

05mm/r) and too old cutting rate (100 ~ 200m/min above) will produce bigger heat in metal cutting, the colophony in causing material thereby melts, the need when be being machined for this uses cooling fluid. Make doing type to get cutting also can get favorable treatment result below the case that uses system of advanced pump of the vacuum that cut bits. Treatment practice makes clear, the bore number of broach of integral agglomeration PCD is a standard (118 ° ) solder bore of type PCD broach counts 3 times, set number of bore of broach of PCD razor blade 6 times, 100 times what bore of hard alloy broach counts. As the ceaseless development of high speed processing technique, broach of integral agglomeration PCD and other rotate cutting tool is sure to receive wider application, because rotate speed of machine tool main shaft exceeds the high speed treatment of 10000r/min to be affected to the diamond cutting tool that uses on tall rigid machine tool,this is very small. Nowadays, broach of integral agglomeration PCD already was applied at automobile manufacturing industry to machine carbon fiber to enhance plastic spare parts, if be located in the United States,the general motors Powertrain of the city divides Mixiegen the factory uses a kind to call " Free Drill " the transverse aperture on casing of transmission of car of treatment of broach of integral agglomeration PCD. When broach of original use hard alloy is machined, broach is ground easily blunt, cause bore burr, because this needs,change everyday broach. Convert after broach of integral agglomeration PCD, although the cost of broach itself raised 5 times than before, but life of cutting tool treatment is lengthened greatly, need one year to change a knife only. Production carbon - the Robert E of stop a vehicle by applying the brakes of aircraft of material with carbon element.

Company of Morris Turbine Group finished broach of PCD of use whole agglomeration successfully also recently to machine the craft of brake material to experiment. In fact, auger cut treatment compound brake material is becoming metallic radical broach of integral agglomeration PCD basically uses a field in a of automobile manufacturing industry. A main metal base composite material (MMCs) the craft guideline that manufacturer Alcan company already included treatment MMC material the bit of integral agglomeration PCD of Percorp company. Although can improve the mechanical performance of composite material significantly,grain of carborundum, alumina is added in MMC material, but the horniness photograph in material also is met the cutting tool when aggravate is machined wears away. Up to now, diamond cutting tool still is the cutting tool with treatment MMC the most effective material, the unique structure of broach of integral agglomeration PCD makes its have exceedingly good wearability, can acquire very tall treatment dimension precision and exterior quality, can omit completely below certain circumstance working procedure of opening of follow-up bore with a reamer. Can foreknow, cutting tool of integral agglomeration PCD will be in henceforth job shops gets of all kinds chance wider and wider application. CNC Milling