Creeping type arc welding machine implement the person stands to with transverse welder art

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Summary: ? Xing of round man of  attentively Luan hands in "  of crime  brilliant adds protruding of Ze of source of large of rich  evil spirit  of dredge of core of search of laborious of  of battle of ひ of appendage of You Huimei dusk oh scull of cracking thirsty flute wakes core excessive adds uranous Yu to take ⒑ to add ⒑ of a huge legendary turtle that embrace Si to build blow: Creeping type; Whole place solder; Welder art; Automatic solder; The robot preface development as science and technology, of large and important component part solder increasing, only support solders by hand be hard to satisfy solder quality and solder the requirement of efficiency, solder automation will be become solder the inevitable tendency that the technology develops. Introduce arc welding machine of new-style and creeping type here implement the person's welder art problem, its purpose is to realize the whole place automation of large component part to solder. This system is brand-new for equipment and method to showing some soldering domestic and internationally, be in so whole design, perfect and a lot of problems and difficulty were encountered inevitably in experiment process, solder here the problem that encounters in experiment process solves method to do one specification with what adopt. One, creeping type arc welding machine implement arc welding machine of type of person system crawl implement of person system form basically crawl by permanent magnetism pedrail image of orgnaization, laser passes feeling system, information processing to reach dog composition of control system place, if pursue,1 is shown. Creeping orgnaization is the athletic power system of the robot; Image passes feeling and information processing system to form solder identify a system, in order to identify welding line, with dog control system comprises welding line to dog together system, medium welding line dogs and solder in order to achieve exercise. In crossed slide block on secure on slide block have screw adjustable steel arm, its are parallel at robot bodywork, the alignment of welding torch of in order to adjusts. Front is swing implement, can place on its hold welding torch, in order to is finished solder of process welding torch swing, parameter is adjustable. To assure to solder electric current is stabilized in experiment process reliable, with making solder the experiment can mirror this well and truly to cover a system to be used at welding line to dog soldering practical effect, solder to choose the KEMPPI PR0500 that Finnish KEMPPI company produces with orgnaization sending silk with power source, its solder mode, solder pulse, electric current, voltage multinomial solder parameter all but at any time the hand is moved adjust, soldering in the process can solder according to already parameter is stabilized automatically electric current, voltage. 2, solder craft and experiment use this system we became two kinds of positions solder experiment, it is vertical position welding and horizontal position welding respectively (large component part solders basically positional cent is vertical position welding and horizontal position welding, solder in the light of these two kinds the position will undertake experimenting study. ) in the process that solders in actual handiwork! Of these two kinds of positions solder what use solder the method has very big difference, technique also has very big different. 1. Test data produces medium shipbuilding in industry to accord with, make coal tub wait to use lumber case actually, choose welding wire of common carbon steel to choose a diameter 1.

Welding wire of 2mm plated film. 2. Welder art (1) solder the method uses gas mixture of argon gas, CO2 to protect MIG pulse solder; The reverse side uses pad of pottery and porcelain; & of double-faced figuration craft builds bosseyed solder face basis solders the position is vertical position welding figuration of much talk of one path, horizontal position welding. (2) solder groove A.

Vertical position welding. Groove is chosen " V " model groove, if the graph is shown 2 times,specific groove form reachs size. The groove before solder and all round water, oily, rust keeps clear of to wait inside 20mm limits, show metallic burnish, be opposite in order to make sure laser image passes feeling system of welding line identify smoothly. B.

Horizontal position welding. Groove chooses asymmetry "v" groove, if the graph is shown 3 times,specific groove form reachs size. Need to handle groove appearance before solder. (3) craft standard is in experiment process, those who divide pair of welder parameter is whole outside decide and adjusting correctly, of welding torch position, welding torch swing, solder speed to soldering figuration of quality, welding line has very big effect. Because these measure support hand attune, especially welding torch position, welding torch swings, do not facilitate in be operated actually measure, adjust difficulty is greater. A.

Welding torch position includes welding wire and welding torch head and work place, groove place (should consider to swing the influence of extent, see a picture 2 graphs 3) . B.

Welding torch swings by adjust swing implement will come true, main parameter has swing speed % left in right the retention period of 3 positions. C.

Solder value of the set before speed Um is solder, solder in the process adjustable. D.

Fill to welder voltage before solder taste undertake rectifying deciding, make calm cost 2.

6V serves as parameter is set inside welder. Commonly used regulated quantity has Us of speed sending silk, solder voltage U and pulse amplitude. (4) solder each parameter A.

The welding torch when render of vertical position welding of vertical position welding is perpendicular control upper part at workpiece Mm, add the welding wire after placing to rely on both sides groove 1 ~ 2mm, the 2nd covers a range, welding torch is perpendicular on move 5 ~ 8mm, swing extent is moved appropriately big. Each parameter is like a watch when vertical position welding 1 is shown. B.

The welding torch when render of horizontal position welding of horizontal position welding is small plunge into downward, make welding wire is being added have when swinging, do not come too rely on below groove, welding torch suitable direction of welding is down inclined place, become 75 ° ~ with the level about 80 ° ; Build 3 path figuration, all do not add swing, and every secondary according to going up soldering effect and position adjust welding torch attitude anew head of the first gun that cover a range is plunged into downward slightly, 2 when smoother, head of tip line gun ors up slightly. Each parameter is like a watch when horizontal position welding 2 are shown. 3, test result A.

In inchoate experiment, value of electric current, voltage and solder fast match always not satisfactory. Adoption MIG pulse solder, its appropriate undertakes soldering at using lesser average electricity, the characteristic is bath bulk small, drip not easily stream, and fall in action of electric current of pulse peak value, the axial tropism that frit drips is good, reason compared with solder of common argon arc more be helpful for welding line figuration, there is very good effect in whole place solder. In the experiment solder of inchoate render solder fast be in commonly 8cm/min above, cost of corresponding electric current is higher also, between 95 ~ 105A, solder the process is not quite stable, rear figuration also is paid no attention to sometimes want. Investigate its reason, depend on the influence of pulse amplitude, pulse electric current makes frit drop shows spray transfer, lesser below bigger pulse electric current voltage is easy cause splatter greatly, drip stream, and figuration of big voltage surface is not ideal also. We fumble ceaselessly in the experiment, fall to reduce electric current, tension appropriately in the premise of stable amplitude after and reduce solder fast, such is in transverse with perpendicular position solder in the process, the advantage that sufficient play gave pulse solder craft to go up in whole place solder, solder the process is stable, splatter small, two sides figuration is very ideal. 4d of 4c of 4b of graph 4a, graph, graph, graph is ordinal figuration of the reverse side of example of mat of the lining before be solder of vertical position welding, vertical position welding, render and sample of the figuration that cover a range. B.

What craft of horizontal position welding of side of manual solder lid uses is to add place adoption method, as a result of the flexibility of artificial operation, solder frequency, extent and retention period swing to all can be changed in real time in the process, cause is common the solder covering a range of width but figuration. Because this robot lacks the person's flexibility, we build face process horizontal position welding artificially through imitating, use tall solder fast add swing quickly or do not add swing the method of side of lid of horizontal position welding of much talk figuration. Avoided horizontal position welding to build a face to drip so drifting happening, also obtained right result. 5e of 5d of 5c of 5b of graph 5a, graph, graph, graph, graph is ordinal for horizontal position welding side of solder of rear figuration, render, lid the first, figuration of side of the 2nd path, final lid. C.

Shed voltage and solder besides report fast, the factor with another factitious bigger impact is to swing implement adjust, according to different position solder want those who differ to use swing means. 4, conclusion experiment proof, adjust through be being mixed to the improvement of technique, arc welding machine of this type climbing a wall implement person application is in stand to and transverse solder on, can gain stability solder quality and very good surface figuration. Should pledge in the light of different capable person and when welding line norms, want to certain value produces change, other value also wants to be adjusted somewhat accordingly. CNC Milling