Numerical control is changed transform Y3180H gear-hobbing machine to machine gear of bosomy form tine

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Summary: The numerical control that introduced Y3180H gear-hobbing machine is changed transform, change axial feed drive and radial feed drive linkage of two axes numerical control, have lathe bed guide sticking model is handled, came true to machine teeth directional to rouse the function of form tine gear. With average gear-hobbing machine treatment beats form tine gear wheel (teeth directional of teeth of a cogwheel shows bosomy form) , axial undertakes in the machine tool automatic feed while, requirement handlers moves feed to grant to the hand into act in order to cooperate, labor intensity is very high, and workpiece precision assures hard. Be aimed at the real need that processes a product, we undertook to average gear-hobbing machine numerical control is changed transform. 1 equipment is chosen reach economy to estimate 1.

Axial feed 2.

Radial feed 3.

Workbench pursues 1 overall transform program 1.

Servo electromotor 2.

Electromotor pedestal 3.

Bearing is built 4.

Bearing is covered 5.

Pinion 6.

Locknut 7.

Unoccupied place gear of wrong tine disappear 8.

Conic sell 9.

Component of ball guide screw 10.

Bearing pursues equipment of old gear-hobbing machine of unit of construction of 2 axial feed has Y38-1, Y3180H and Y3150. Decide without crossbeam lock on the bracket after Y3180H and Y3150 among them, hind the tigidity of bracket is good, shift is convenient and agile: And Y3180H type is mixed than Y3150 function again can machine spare parts limits wide, because this chooses Y3180H gear-hobbing machine,transform equipment as numerical control. The numerical control system that we use is the GSK928TA that plant of facility of Guangzhou numerical control makes system, add electromotor of on two servo, charge makes an appointment with more than yuan 40 thousand: Spacer of double nut of type of embedded of the spile outside two GBD series tightens ball guide screw beforehand deputy wait for a spare parts with the transmission part that covers suitably and bracket, slideway that stick model, charge makes an appointment with more than yuan 10 thousand, always transform charge to make an appointment with 5 ~ 60 thousand yuan. Value of valuation of old equipment appraise is in 6 ~ 70 thousand yuan. Such equipment transform charge and amount of old equipment cost to won't exceed 130 thousand yuan. And new the fare that buys gear-hobbing machine of a numerical control needs hundred thousands of yuan. So gear-hobbing machine numerical control turns the actual production issue that changed his costume or dress to solve an unit already, can be the capital with managing and many unit again. 2 overall transform program the graph is shown 1 times for the machine tool overall transform program. The machine tool is original advocate motion, Fancheng motion and the transmission catenary that differential moves are withheld, axial feed motion and radial feed motion change linkage of two axes numerical control, feed motion rate can rise greatly. Make a stand to decrease coolie " creeping " phenomenon, undertake to lathe bed slideway model is handled sticking. 3 axial feed transforms blueprint 2 are shown for axial feed construction of system. The axial feed of primary machine tool is slideway of pillar of tool carrier edge make fluctuation move. Register round of gear-box speed change with gear of a slippage through having 4 pairs, obtain 12 kinds of feed thereby. Transform a method to be: ? Chu of crucian carp of  of  of Qiu of Deng of paper of joyous simian Qi carries ostrich of  of  of Duo of  of Europe of alliance of take along sth to sb electromotor of servo of C-SF52B of Zuo of  of bud of ∮ of Q of Jiao   (0.

5kW AC, 8.

5N · M) : Used unoccupied place gear of disappear of a pair of wrong tine (M=2, spacer of double nut of type of embedded of the spile outside Z1/Z2=25/75) and GBD series tightens ball guide screw beforehand deputy, model of ball guide screw is CMD5006-5. 4 radial feed transform the radial feed that designs a machine tool is the motion of slideway of level of workbench edge lathe bed. Armrest shakes motion of former radial feed the method comes true. Transform plan and axial feed system identical, place is 3 water chestnut with servo electromotor: C -SF102(1kW AC, 8.

5N · M) , norms of unoccupied place gear of wrong tine disappear: M=2, z1/Z2=33/66, ball guide screw chooses spacer of double nut of type of embedded of the spile outside GBD series to tighten ball guide screw beforehand deputy, model of ball guide screw is CMD5006-5. Slideway of 5 lathe bed transforms workbench itself circumgyrate to locate face in the limit of controls 5 taper seat that spend freely, the structure is concise. Vibration produces when making radial feed move to prevent slideway of level of workbench edge lathe bed, namely " creeping " phenomenon, original to gear-hobbing machine lathe bed slideway sticks model after classics grinding, scrape, form the slideway that stick model. Gear-hobbing machine of 6 epilogue Y3180H is changed through numerical control change one's costume or dress, extended craft range. Shanghai is advanced ability school carried on bosomy form after gear cutting task, the labour hand with support at first fine technology uses control, day machines a few gear, the crop after changing one's costume or dress breaks up two times, and treatment precision gets assuring. The fact proves this kind of numerical control is changed change one's costume or dress cycle is short, get effective fast. CNC Milling