How to shorten the ablation time of EDM

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Pursue the development of technology of 1 high-energy application and first test are the line of this high speed that shows in the graph cut machine tool is aspirant the high-energy quantity of travel applies a technology to will be opposite appearance of the precision that place of high grade mould needs, geometry, speed and exterior quality arise. Today, in intense market competition, machining speed is a very main factor. Job shops needs to shorten date of delivery, lower the price and assure to deliver goods on time. Especially mould job shops, the case is more such, because be over there,a lot of manufacturing task need are in a few hours or a few finish in the day. On machine tool of EDM line cut, the most commonly used method that accelerates manufacturing rate is to introduce special cut line, line of this kind of cut adopts special measure commonly or contain special painting. This kind of method conduces to reduce ablation time, but also can be in what send the charge of silk, wire and wire automatically to change ability respect creates a lot of problems. Most manufacturer tries to quicken the ablation time of machine tool of EDM line cut, the result brought about those who machine precision to drop however, from long-term will see this will bring about spare parts do poorly done work over again, those who create exterior quality and geometrical appearance is not stable, lengthen whole to produce time. In addition, had transferred as a result of a lot of simple moulds abroad go producing, the mould treatment duty factor that carries on now because of manufacturer of die of this North America is more complex in the past. The mould of place application is loftier today complex, ply is changeful, the exterior quality demand to angle treatment and mould is very high, cause those who cut secant easily when treatment to rupture. These complex matters brought about longer ablation time and stricter requirement, below such condition, nozzle cannot close together and sealed. Considering these problems, die manufacturer developed a kind of system, using medium ablation time actually in order to reduce machine tool of EDM line cut, in this system, rinsing undesirable phenomenon is a problem that is worth us to pay close attention to. High-energy application technology develops high-energy application technology (H.



T) the purpose is to solve machine tool of EDM line cut to need the issue of high speed cutting in applying actually, because be in this process,the machine tool cannot be achieved good sealed rinse; Also be to supply the part of high accuracy, tall flatness and good exterior quality at the same time. In the process that develops this new system, the current EDM cut line in can using the market also should be considered inside (see a picture 1) . When strong lotion nozzle cannot be when the coping of workpiece and bottom are apparently sealed, because go,the current of ionic water lost a central point in cutting area, accordingly its rinse pressure to disappear, go up in more expensive work especially. This kind of circumstance may cause pressure loss, reduce from the efficiency that grain of electric corrode material keeps clear of in clearance, cause those who cut secant to rupture, bring about ablation efficiency to must drop from this. Of this kind of how terrible those who rinse a condition to be able to create workpiece appearance is rough the space between clamping apparatus of workpiece of the whole, person that interrupt the occasional of cutting method and block pile spare parts, because this workpiece clamping apparatus can make nozzle nears workpiece surface, in order to achieve proper sealed goal. Although high-energy application technology still cannot make these conditions reach ideal level, but the purpose that can make machine tool of EDM line cut obtains efficient treatment, won't affect the treatment precision of the spare parts, flatness and exterior quality. On vintage machine tool, one must be used between workpiece and nozzle face first-rate sealed, rinse pressure in order to arise with what keep certain, this kind of circumstance uses thumb to stem like the one aspect of the matter in conduit current is same. The current of conduit one aspect of the matter is forced to pass lesser aperture below the control of thumb, increased the pressure of current thereby. Same, when the surface that should rinse nozzle and workpiece is close to Yu Mi to seal condition, current from nozzle all round ejective, if current centers gush to go up to the method of cut line, so pressure can increase accordingly. If because certain reason is in,clearance appeared on the method of cut line, so pressure can be lost, thereby ablation efficiency also can drop accordingly. Accordingly, to high-energy applying the technology raised requirement of such a design: Rinse a condition badly to offer a solution for this kind, find a kind of effective method to maintain rinse pressure, do not let nozzle be in workpiece apparently produce sealed effect. In other words, the pressure that must force place to need namely can be passed smoothly rinse a system, and be absent rinse sealed phenomenon produces on nozzle. The solution that satisfies these requirements is passed namely double rinse pump to increase the flow that rinses water, limit flow with lesser nozzle mouth next. To achieve this goal, control rinses pump frequency and the software that output water pump parameter to need to revise, make the current of larger flow carries spray head. Lesser nozzle mouth limitted this addition flow, what rose to come from water pump thereby is hydraulic, this lesser high pressure current is direct gush to clearance in, can be rinsed effectively and keep clear of cut bits. This kind of method solved a problem, but posed another problem again at the same time. Be forced to pass inside shorter time when many streams when rinsing a system, the water level that may make cistern medium drops quickly, bring about rinse discharge unbalance, cannot rinse finally. Its will cause ablation rate as a result slower, and very flabby calm, bring about a machine tool finally to call the police, if water pump continues to play movement in anhydrous circumstance, so because of,meet " dry " and cause damage. Offer the measure of cistern to do not increase, must offer a kind of new solution. The course undertakes transforming to rinsing systematic pipeline, solved this problem eventually, it can make water pump works below the condition of higher velocity of flow already, what can keep taller again is hydraulic, and do not affect circular water supply. In addition, the existing technical database in designing personnel to return pair of machine tool software was done be adjusted necessarily and install, make cutting condition reachs higher level, high-energy application technology uses the dominant position of system of these two water pump adequately. Besides the cutting parameter in software, the course carries out the control that confirm and monitoring software, line of the control that includes spare parts flatness and geometrical form, cut defends measure (treatment speed and rinse pilot to optimize) waited for a function to also be blended in in this technology. All all these should be attributed to high-energy application technology, it can fall in the condition with high speed and sealed blame, maintain precision, flatness and exterior quality. Control and monitoring software pass the control to software to use, can achieve special spare parts flatness, because compensation cut line corrodes the change that produces with lag, reduce or eliminate the protruding abdomen that the spare parts produces in process of rough machining cutting, arch one's back or cone-shaped appearance. Compare flat spare parts to can go out in the production in rough machining process, must reduce scrape number, want to use this kind of function, in order to acquire better exterior quality, is not to use the method of rough machining to correct certain error (namely protruding abdomen or phenomenon of arch one's back) . Outstanding geometrical appearance control can be mixed through rough machining self-adjusting servo speed is obtained in scrape process, so that optimize the material cutting in appearance of round horn geometry. Such doing can cut secant to undertake compensating will raise geometrical precision in the deviation when round horn of pass in and out through be opposite, those who carry the data in finish machining process is constant cutting. Nextpage cut line defends measure (treatment speed and rinse pilot to optimize) can improve treatment function and efficiency through delivering constant electric spark pulse to cutting. This kind of technology is OK according to rinsing the change of pressure and workpiece material ply to come monitoring is mixed adjust electric current, this is helpful for offerring a more stable treatment condition, and quality of more constant cutting rate, surface and precision. In the workpiece that changes suddenly in ply, this kind of technology conduces to reduce cut line to be in these transition point point happens rupture phenomenon. Contrast other EDM technologies are high-energy applied technology is to contrast all the time brand of other and main EDM has a test. Carry out a proof, fall in all circumstances almost, its ablation speed can be accelerated at least 15% . After passing a rough machining, the flatness of the spare parts is 0.

0005in (1in=25.

4mm, similarly hereinafter) , the flatness after a scrape is repass 0.

0002in, the height of this spare parts is 12in, need very few scrape treatment to be able to acquire better exterior quality only. In machining applied domain actually, high-energy application technology should compare other technology fast 52% . That is to say, the machine tool that has high-energy application technology not only can reduce craft time and raise yield, and the other machine tool that the cut line measure that it uses wants place of more congener than be being made on the market spare parts to use is fewer. Apply and restricting high-energy application technology is developed together with specific target. This kind of technology is OK with the diameter 0.

01in and 0.

The brass of 012in cuts secant or line of spray EDM cut is used together. But line of cut of high-energy application technology also has been developed, the fact shows the cut function of line of this kind of cut rises somewhat, the standard cut line that its cut function wants technology of more high-energy than using application rose 25% . High-energy application technology is developed for all standard tool steel, and also gained huge success in titanium alloy steel and the applied domain because of division nickel alloy steel, the spare parts ply that can use this kind of technology successfully is 1~12in. What mention before no less than in that way, this kind of skill is extraordinary agree with treatment surface is rough whole, ply changes to method of big, cutting is interrupted and pile up template material workpiece, include to rinse the applied domain with poorer condition among them, below such condition, between nozzle and workpiece surface cannot well sealed. To flat workpiece, develop pattern plate like what accurate grinding machines, it is OK to rinse nozzle with form between strong pattern plate sealed, high-energy application technology did not show any advantage that exceed congener technology. The good point that uses its set value in flat application domain depends on the set time of this kind of workpiece. Technology of will high-energy application applies at flat workpiece, the upside in needing to consider to be similar to cutting method rarely and the clamp problem that bottom machines head and so on, or workpiece clip holds unit issue. The applied field that the mould produces is in domain of mould production application, use high-energy application technology effectively to come the plug-in unit of cutting treatment mould, model core bolt, and the plug-in unit that includes outline appearance and exterior thickness change. In a lot of mould application domains, the data capacity that cutting treatment needs when machining spare parts detail is very few. In the applied field that in this kind specific mould creates, its upside and bottom nozzle perhaps do not need have the aid of between it and spare parts sealed. When using high-energy application technology although one on the spare parts rinses nozzle,did not get sealed, make the cutting speed of EDM treatment process is reduced namely at most. If use standard technology, may cause cutting excessive or cutting inadequacy, best circumstance is to bring about spare parts do poorly done work over again, worst circumstance is to bring about a spare parts to discard as useless. When the cut line that passes alternate aperture ruptures, the slide that contains cutting method via and other model also can cause rinse a condition adversely. In these area, the current that eject comes out can diffuse because of the detail on alternate mouth, cause the loss that rinses pressure. Aperture of ply of the outline appearance below such circumstances, change, across and countersink, appearance of the precision that uses production of talent of high-energy application technology to give place of high grade mould to ask only, geometry, speed and exterior quality. Had the technology of this kind of new development, ability of mould manufacturing industry realizes more profits. It is the most important to be mixed above all is to be able to make its hold a position in the economic competition in the whole world, and can score gain. Because can produce same part quickly, accordingly it can be satisfied in the delivery inside shorter time to ask. Because high-energy application technology is below the premise that does not raise rate sending silk, great rate land is small shortened cutting time, of cut line use up speed to reduce, because this makes,the operation expenses of mould job shops drops considerably. In operation of EDM line cut, cut line is a fee is the biggest, because this light is this annual but managing thousands of dollar (see a picture 2) . The graph passes amendatory mould this 2 is the optimal production example that uses high-energy application technology. The aperture that its outline surface, deep countersink cuts with alternate getting does not need to use good sealed because high-energy applying,rinsing also is technology, it and other and existing technology confluence are together, help manufacturer production goes out more flat the spare parts with nicety, and reduced the time that in the machine tool place of control adjustment field spends. Finally, because the treatment of workpiece used high-energy application technology, because this needs treatment of very few a few scrape to be able to reach closer exterior mass only, decreased to avoid to undertake manual polish wait for an operation 2 times to the spare parts even thereby. Today, in the mould manufacturing industry that in delivery time close, competition controls muscularity, all these problems can help a client be inside shorter time, with inferior cost production gives high grade pattern. This holds competitive advantage or the secret that regain competitive position namely. CNC Milling